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You may not only search for digital educational media, to get an overview of expert and user evaluations, but may also file your own evaluations of digital educational media you have worked with yourself. Since the corona pandemic at the latest, digital educational media have been used in all areas of education. The range and promise are great, but which product is right for you? DataMedia helps you choose the right product for your learning or teaching purposes. Learn from the experiences of others and let others benefit from yours.

Take a look! DataMedia is available in six languages.

The concept of this website is based on participation, the more people join in, the better the tool can grow. We invite all teachers and users to contribute and work with us on a successful future of education with the inclusion of digital educational media.

Your DataMedia team.


The idea behind DataMedia

Digital educational media have to meet many demands – they have to function perfectly from a technical point of view, use up-to-date elements appropriate to the target group, offer an appealing, clearly structured design, allow a variety of methods and media, permit options for use, etc. However, their educational success depends decisively on whether a digital educational medium has been created on the basis of a didactically sound teaching and learning concept. Only in this way can the enormous potential of these media be fully utilised and teaching and learning processes be designed in a variety of ways to meet individual needs and demands.

The European Comenius-EduMedia-Award of the Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Information und Medien e.V. (GPI e.V.; Society for

pedagogics, information and media, registered association) since 1995 annually evaluates several hundred of educational media und awards these a Siegel (Seal) or Medaille (Medal) as a symbol of high pedagogic, didactic and medial quality. The foundation for evaluation scheme in DataMedia are the projects and research done by experts on a European level by experts for the Comenius-EduMedia-Award.

The overall goal of DataMedia is to place the evaluation of digital educational media on a broad footing, reaching beyond the impact of the Comenius-Award. This includes giving teachers und users the opportunity to evaluate themselves to render the selection of digital educational media well founded.


The DigiMedia evaluation criteria

Find evaluations of digital educational media, filtered by language, topic etc. at DigiMedia. If registered you may evaluate products yourself, sharing your experience with others. The evaluation is based on criteria such as pedagogical- content-related-approach,

didactic-methodological, medial-creative, and organizational-technical realisation, that are further explained in the help-function. In addition, a text field allows a vernal evaluation of the respective product.


DigiKomp – Media literacy for the evaluation of digital educational media

Since the evaluation of digital educational media requires media literacy of the instructors, the DataMedia -team developed “DigiKomp”. It is a model-course to train instructors in the evaluation

of digital educational media. The theoretical foundation from the model course can be practically applied and exercised in the DataMedia evaluation tool.


The DataMedia consortium

Nine institutions and companies from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, and Cyprus have joined forces in the EU-funded project “DigiMedia”, to further media literacy in adult education. They established the evaluation tool “DataMedia ”

to share the experiences in the use of digital educational media in adult education and for others to benefit in their selection of digital educational media.